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Its the Next Generation of Influencer Marketing,Social Media Training, and Social Growth. Paul Revere allows brands to run targeted marketing campaigns by connecting them with certified social media influencers . This program offers social media influencers, and those who want to be influencers, the opportunity to build their own social media business, with full support, training, and account growth.
The Paul Revere Platform will be the extensive online influencer program that combines the power of Micro and Macro Influencers with Brands. Paul Revere utilizes cutting edge data analysis to match top performing influencers with brands for marketing and pays the influencers based on their performance. In addition, Paul Revere includes online courses, with certification for anyone who desires to become a SUCCESSFUL social media influencer. SIGN UP NOW
Access to Online Portal

Paul Revere’s online portal is the first of its kind, with incorporated influencer training, affiliate training, best tips, practices, and accessible from any device anywhere.

Online Influencer University Training

Paul Revere’s online training is developed and delivered by world class professionals responsible for building some of the largest brands in the world today. The purpose of this training is both for macro and micro influencers.

Income Building Strategies

As an affiliate, Paul Reveres world class affiliate experts will give you access to all of the information needed to build the perfect team, with commissions laid out, and earnings planned so you can generate your income now.

Weekly Strategy Meetings

Paul Revere’s Affiliate program is developed by the leaders in the affiliate marketing space, giving you access to the brightest minds in the space, to build your team, grow your power and become the top earning affiliate with Paul Revere.